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Art for Seniors Mixed Media Blogs

Seasonal Series of Art for Seniors Drawing and Painting Courses

(Mar 8, 2020 : all classes have been suspended in response to Coronavirus Measures) 

Featuring 2020 New Spring Term: March 2 - May 10 

February 10, 2020

I shall provide new 10 Week Spring Term curriculum for Barrhaven Seniors this March 2020, in mixed media drawing and painting in  intermediate and advanced levels. Most materials are water soluble: including pencils, pastels, acrylic, water-mixable oils. Favorite topics include figurative drawings, landscape,  finger painting,  grisaille painting.  A subsequent course is in development  on Renaissance Art - red chalk, silverpoint and egg yolk technique.  

Winter Term (Feb 17- Mar 29 2020) 

Februart 11, 2020

Each new term Instructor Frank takes in students of all levels. He teaches fundamental drawing & painting, new mixed media & suggestive learning goals of students. Class art includes: still life, figurative, landscape and abstract. Regular mixed media include pencils, pastels, water color, acrylic. 2020Winter Term New Media: splash & black light painting, Da Vinci Red Chalk

& DIY Egg Tempera . Both new and former students will learn new

techniques and media.

Autumn Term (Oct 24 - Dec 5 2018) 

December 9, 2018

Fundamental drawing and painting techniques and materials. Continual exploration with alcohol inks and finger painting; more emphasis on class critic and composition. Preview of splash brush techniques and UV reactive effects. 

Winter Term (Feb - March 2018) 

March 20, 2018

2017-2018 New Media: alcohol inks, pouring art, resist wash, finger painting

We convned in smaller groups at 358 Haileybury Home Studio

Please join us for ongoing new events in art  


The scheduling of each course is worked out between instructor and class participants.



Usually at 9:30 am - 11:30 am


358 Haileybury St. Nepean K2J 0N5

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