- I am painter, sculptor, art teacher, concept artist
Barrhaven Haileybury Art Studio - 8 years old

Since 2009, I have been teaching art classes for children and adults at the Barrhaven Haileybury Art Studio. I continue with traditional media for drawing, painting and sculpture. This fall, I am launching new hybrid art-portfolio preparation curriculum for pre-animation, concept art, architecture and fashion design. We all move on to endorse  new exciting materials and methods.  
This is my older  large size painting "Barrhaven HAS Blessings" (6 ft x 3 ft ) water mixable oil & egg tempera.

Blessings Barrhaven, water mixable oil 6 ft x 3 ft, 2011

The Haileybury Art Studio provides excellent creativity and visual art foundation for keen children and adults alike. I am thankful for my valued  patrons in the Barrhaven Community. I shall continue to pursue excellence in the area of art, teaching and professional development. Much obliged!  
Let us build bigger stepping stones for fun in  NEW ART,  NEW AGE, NEW MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY. Don't forget history and humanity. We need to pursue lots of research in Concept Art and be ORIGINAL.

NEW: 2017 Fall Term Art Classes at Barrhaven Haileybury Art Gallery,
358 Haileybury Street, Nepean Ontario K2J 0N5

2017 Fall Term Art Classes at Barrhaven Haileybury Art Studio

NEW Fall Term 2017 -  Drawing and Painting Art Classes in mixed media

Classes are private or semi-private (up to 4 students) - 2 hours lesson weekly, schedules pending classes, age groups  and portfolio specializations.

Fundamental Drawing Class: traditional figurative drawings, using  gestural and constructional  techniques, make reference to works of classic  and contemporary masters. We study anatomy, perspectives and values and use  mixed media array of drawing instruments: assorted  water-based pencils, graphite, charcoal, pastel, ink, water brushes and nib pens. 

Intermediary Painting Class: for students who have had foundational training in drawings will be able to paint with better success. They will learn more about color theory and mixing pigments accurately. Increasing emphasis on  composition and image research.  We shall explore water color, acrylic and oil media.

NEW: Premium Art-Portfolio Preparation Class - for Pre-Animation, Concept Art, Architecture and Fashion Design:

prescribed art portfolio is required of students seeking admission to higher competitive studies in Fine Art,  Animation, Concept Art, Architecture and Fashion Design etc. It is a development process and requires attitude, time management, much hard work and timely coaching assistance. The instructor will work out individual  portfolio requirements and work plans with students. For both private or small classes, the instructor will blend in fundamental art training  with portfolio-specific follow-ups.  

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